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Before You Move In

To arrange for utility services, please call BOTH of the following companies well in advance of your scheduled move-in date:

National Grid - Electric                                           800-322-3223                        

National Grid – Gas                                                401-831-8800

If your heat is oil, please check with the office on oil company options.


You have a choice of phone companies for local and long distance service. If you choose to use a provider that charges installation, we require you to pay for the installation.

Move In

We must have full payment of all amounts due before we will provide keys to your apartment. Call us in advance to arrange to pick up your keys between noon and 5:00 pm. You may begin moving in at 2:00 pm on the day your lease starts.


Trash & Recycling: Providence garbage and recycling pickup in your neighborhood is on Monday. The City of Providence has provided each apartment with trash and recycling bins. The smaller bin is for trash and the larger bin is for recycling. Place BOTH bins for your apartment on the curb on Sunday night and be sure to move them to the back of the property again by Monday evening. Information on what is recyclable can be found at www.rirrc.org. Garbage pickup may be delayed one day due to certain holidays and occasionally due to snow or weather emergencies. Check the City of Providence Department of Public Works website for the current holiday trash schedule or the Mayor's website for special weather announcements. Any fines for trash violations assessed by the city will be split among all apartments.


Routine Repairs & Maintenance: You may call requests for routine repairs and maintenance in by phone to 401-432-7551 or by email to karter@stoneproperty.com.


After Hours Emergency: In the event of an after hours emergency, please use the list below to call for assistance.


No Heat


Power out in apartment or part of apartment

800-401-8430 (or National Grid if power is out in the neighborhood)

Overflowing toilet, frozen pipe or plumbing Leak


Melanie Aldrich & Son 935-8331

Gas Leak

Providence Gas 800-936-7000

Lock Out ($65 day, $100 night)

Day time Ferdie’s Key 725-7365 Night time 800-401-8430

All Other Emergencies


For a heating or plumbing emergency, if you fail to reach one of the above numbers and the problem is getting worse quickly, you can call the plumber or heating service of your choice.  Here are some suggestions GEM Plumbing at 831-7000, Melanie Aldrich & Son 935-8331. Mutual Engineering 351-3900   Note, if you call an emergency number and it is not an emergency, you will be charged for the service call. Lock out payment is expected at service call. 


Move Out

You must remove all of your belongings no later than 12:00 pm on the last day of your lease. Your apartment should be left thoroughly cleaned and ready for a new tenant. Ensure that all sets of keys are left on the kitchen counter. You must provide us with your forwarding address in order to receive your security deposit back. Amounts that may be withheld from your security deposit can include, but are not limited to:

·          Our cost to repair damages

·          Cleaning service fees

·          Locksmith fees for changing the locks if keys are not returned

·          Removal fees for furniture or belongings left behind in apartment or storage areas